My Story - Brenda Dornbrack

I am a qualified registered National Tourist Guide for South Africa( registered to guide in all 9 provinces) guide reg no:WC8777 with specialities in the Western Cape , Cape Town Environment and Cape Wine Industry. I have a small tour company called Dornbrack travel and compile tours around the Western Cape, Cape Town and surroundings, with guides in Gauteng who do the tours for me in and around Johannesburg. I have lived in South Africa for all of my life and have been very interested in the history and culture of our country and enjoy sharing my knowledge with other people. 

I enjoy working and compiling different tours and itineraries to suit the individual and can work out a special tour to suit my travellers request. The routes that I use will show my guests different aspects of the countryside and also certain points of interest. Most of my tours include an authentic cultural experience from the places we visit to the food you indulge in, ‘experience the heart and soul of Africa’. Each experience tells a story of Africa and it’s diverse heritage, culture, natural wild life and beauty. 

I enjoy the amazing response that is shown from the tourist when they see the diverse wildlife and the awe inspiring moments of a cultural tribal dance, it is such a pleasure to share those moments and know they will definitely take these splendid memories back home with them, and to be part of that is just amazing! The best part of being a a local guide is conducting a private tour which is so personal and you will feel more comfortable if you have more insight about the guide before going on the tour with them. My tours are family orientated and I will compile a tour to suit you and your families interests. Come and discover the treasures that our part of the world has to offer and let me take you on a journey to experience ” THE ESSENCE OF AFRICA” with a local guide!