Fairview Wine Estate

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This historically old farm set on the gorgeous slopes of the Paarl Mountains facing Cape Town was founded in 1693. However, it was a young immigrant from Lithuania called Charles Back who arriving on these shores in 1902 built up this particular farm. He was passionate about wine and combined with his strong work ethic soon built a thriving wine export business. Before he died in 1955 Charles Back bequeathed a wine farm – and more importantly – his own work ethic and spirit of endeavour, to each of his two sons.

One of the sons, Cyril, received Fairview. He lived on the farm with his wife Beryl and continued the invaluable work of his father. In 1978 their son Charles Back II joined Cyril. Recognising his limitations the young Charles enrolled for an oenological training course at Elsenberg and in 1995 when Cyril Back died, Charles Back II took over the entire responsibility of running Fairview. Charles immediately set about doing things differently and quickly introduced Mediterranean varietals to the Cape. Included amongst these new grapes were Viognier, Tempranillo, Sangiovese and Petite Syrah. Shortly thereafter Charles decided to make artisanal cheeses – a business which has become as successful and prestigious as his wines.

Fairview is today a working farm designed to provide sustainable produce. On entering the farm you will inevitably encounter the famous goats perhaps perched on their own goat’s tower from where they superciliously scan their world. And it is these goats of course which have given their name ‘Goats do Roam’ to Fairview’s famous wine much loved by both locals and visitors.

A superb restaurant, delicatessen, art gallery and of course wine tasting is an essential part of Fairview’s attraction and is guaranteed to seduce their numerous visitors from all over the world.