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This little town with a name that translates from the Welsh as “Parish of St Tudno” will be the next landmark one will pass driving down the coast. Classified as a residential suburb of Cape Town, no shops or other commercial activities are tolerated in Llandudno, which not surprisingly boasts some of the most expensive and exclusive properties in South Africa.

Llandudno’s beach offers nature at her most diverse, with unique vegetation and the whole encircled by large menacing granite boulders which seemingly offers scant welcome to strangers. Nevertheless, it is popular with surfers although swimming is not encouraged as the seas are rough and treacherous with icy cold water. It is also the access point for the walk to Sandy Bay an isolated beach popular with nudists.

For those interested in such things, way back on the 26 September 1903 the valley was declared a township and named Llandudno after the North Wales seaside resort. Apparently, there were deemed to be striking similarities between that resort and Kleinkommetjie Bay in which the valley resides.