This is how the story unfolded….

While on vacation in 2009 Gerhard and Brenda decided after many hours of late night discussions to pursue their passion in the tourism industry after both being in the Pharmaceutical and retail business for many years that their true passion for the open roads and magnificent scenery took first priority in their lives. Gerhard having studied as a pharmacist and then gaining his doctorate in Pharmaceutics and Brenda being qualified in the retail beauty sector as well as a pharmacist assistant changed their way of thinking as they realised they wanted to explore SA and that tourism was more in their line of work.

Brenda started to study as a tourist guide in all 9 provinces of SA and has completed her national guiding qualifications and from that influence Dornbrack Travel was born.

BRENDA DORNBRACK    (Name Inspiration)

brenda-dornbrack     dr-gerhard-buys

Background information:

Born from Scottish descent, my grandfather was born in Scotland, my maiden name being Carmichael. My  grandfather fought in one of the battles during the second boer war the battle being, The battle of Spionkop  1900  where many British and Scottish soldiers died in the battle, he was one of the lucky few that survived. Mary Livington  the sister of David Livingston was a relative of my fathers.

DT would like to show people from South Africa and all over the world  our passion, this vast and beautiful country and what it has to offer.

Gerhard qualified as a pharmacist and have a Ph.D degree in the science of dosage form design. He looks after the the business side of DT and together with Brenda, being a qualified National guide for SA, they hope to encourage tourism in SA as well as grow with eco friendliness in terms of staying at eco friendly resorts and doing eco friendly tours.

Combining teamwork and dedication with the utmost support of their family they are following their dream in the tourism sector.


Leading the market by following a few simple rules in providing a service to customers that is guided from start to finish and not leave anything to chance by making money more important than our client’s experiences. The most important thing about DT is the memories that clients will have to enjoy for years to come and the wonderful name of Africa on their lips. They will Experience a true personal attention while still having the time of their lives.


To be the market leading South African Tour operator team while specializing in a certain set of luxury tours, providing exceptional service by a truly skilled team. Growing with our Customers so that they discover the real treasure of  South Africa.

Words by Carry Hampton